Phishing Scams and Missing/Stolen Chips

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Phishing Scams and Missing/Stolen Chips

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 11, 2011 12:18 am

What is a Phishing Scam?

Phishing is a fraudulent process in which a 3rd party attempts to acquire sensitive information such as your username, password or other private information by masquerading as a trustworthy source.

Phishing attempts are usually executed through email , instant messaging or some other form of electronic communication. The communication will often lure the user to a spoofed website that has the same look and feel as the legitimate site they are spoofing.

One common scam is where you are asked to go to a non-Zynga approved web site to purchase/award Zynga points or items. Another is going to a website where you are asked to provide your account name and password or other personal information. While Zynga may need your account ID to research issues you may have in our games, Zynga will never ask for your password.

One way to protect yourself from phishing attempts while playing Zynga Poker is to always be suspicious of links or messages sent to you through your social network (e.g. Facebook, Yahoo, Tagged, etc.) or the in-game chat box.

If you have a question about any message that may say you have been banned, or promises you chips or Casino Gold, please first check the forums or game to see if there is an update regarding the message you are seeing.

If there is no mention of your issue on the forum then it is safe to assume it is a scam.

And please remember, while we will need your User Identification number from time to time, no agent or representative of Zynga will EVER ask you for your Login or Password information. If your login or password information is solicited DO NOT PROVIDE IT.

How to report stolen chips

Scams and other kinds of fraud are common on the Internet today and Zynga takes all reports seriously of scams perpetrated on our players, and we may replace stolen chips after we have completed an investigation of your claim. However, Zynga is not responsible for the actions of those who are not officially associated with the company and cannot refund money lost due to theft or fraud on a third party website.

Before reporting missing/stolen chips, please do the following:

  1. If you are unable to log into the Social Network (e.g. Facebook) account from which the chips are missing, you must regain access to that account prior to reporting your loss.
  2. If you have access to your Social Network account, you will first want to change the password to your email account and then change the password to your Social Network.
  3. Also, you may have alternate email addresses associated with your profile which could compromise your account. You will want to remove any that you can’t identify. Please follow the specific instructions related to the network you are using to remove them.
    • On Facebook: From the Settings drop down menu, choose Account Settings. Go to the Contact Email section and click the Change option to view all of your addresses. Check the list for any unusual addresses.
    • On Myspace: Under My Account, check the email address section for any unusual addresses.

    • On Bebo: In the Home tab, select My Account. Check the email address section for any unusual addresses.

Once you have completed the above steps, you are ready to email Customer Support at the link below.

When you email us, please provide us with the following information:
  • When did you last see the chips in your account, and at what time did you notce that they were gone? What time zone are you in?

  • What was your balance before your chips disappeared, and what is it now?
  • Please include any messages or links that you may have clicked which could have resulted in your loss.

Note: Under "Type of Issue" click the arrow next to "Game Play", then select "Compromised Accounts".

Be sure to reply promptly to any emails you receive from support, and provide any additional information requested.

How to report a scam site
If you believe you have been scammed or your account information has been compromised when you visited a website, please report the URL or web address to our security team by:
  1. Creating a support ticket HERE.
  2. Be sure to select the game name and the service that you access the game through (Facebook, MySpace, etc.)

  3. Use "Fraud Sites" (Expand "Game Play" to find it) as the "Type of Issue" for the incident
  4. Type or paste the actual URL you visited where you believe the fraud took place or where you believe that your account information was compromised
  5. Be sure to include any other details of what happened that might help us as we research the site.
Because of privacy issues we will not contact you with information about what steps have been taken. But be assured that Zynga does work with the proper authorities to shut down these sites whenever we can.

How to protect your chips
To protect your chips, we suggest that you regularly clear your cache and change your passwords once per month.

Note: Remember to always log out of your network account. There are several spyware detection applications available one of which you may want to try.
  • NEVER give your login and password to anyone! We would never ask for them, neither would any of the social networks.
  • NEVER click on any links you are unsure of.
  • NEVER lend chips to another player, under the guise of a payback with interest.

Should you encounter any of the following instances, please report it immediately. If you receive a network message (not an e-mail) that indicates:
  • You’ve been flagged for abuse, your account will be banned or disabled within a certain period of time if you don’t click on the link below and enter your e-mail and password

  • You’ve been awarded bonus chips and asked to follow a link provided to you.
  • An “old friend” wants you to click on a link to photos. In most instances the main photo is of a girl in a bikini.
  • You can submit a report through our ticketing system. Please be sure to include a link to that person’s profile as well as the scam link, if applicable.

For additional security tips please read the linked article on our Customer support site:

By taking these precautions and changing your passwords often your account and chips should remain protected.

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