Weekly Forum Contest: Winners Announced!!

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Weekly Forum Contest: Winners Announced!!

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 03, 2011 8:01 pm

Please Congratulate This Week's Contest Winners!
Winners from Contest ending 11/10/10

Grand Prize, 10,000,000 Chips and 50 Casino Gold goes to Raghavc!

Runner-Up, 5,000,000 Chips and 25 Casino Gold goes to kyra21!

Originally Posted by Raghavc
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Here In India, Theres a festival for the hindus called Diwali & it’s a tradition to play cards. People host Diwali card parties at their places where number of players come to play & I happened to go to a friends party where they were playing poker.
The blinds were 100-200 and I was first to act (seat 6) next to the
big blind. I was dealt a pair of Aces, hesitated, looked at my
cards a few times, and then called the 200. I normally would make
a statement with a substantial raise but being first to bet
I wanted a bigger pot (risky I know).

About half of the players called and then came the flop Ad, As, 7c
(trying not to show excitement with four Aces in your hand is
extremely difficult).
There was a check from the first player (small Blind), a bet of 200
from the big blind (seat 5), again I looked at my cards a few times
and then I called, and several folded up to seat two (the so called “ BIG PLAYER “).
BIG PLAYER (who has a very nice chip stack and has been a chip
bully) raised 500, seat 5 called (nice chip stack as well), and
I hesitated for 15 seconds or so fumbling with my chips and then
called (I have less chips than both.)
Now came the turn, 10c. Seat 5 checked, I checked, and the Big Player
said 500. Seat 5 called and then I asked the dealer, “What is the
minimum raise?” (loud enough for the Big Player to hear). The dealer
said “1000″, so I raised it to 1000.
The Big Player did not like me re-raising so he look over his shoulder
and started speaking Marathi (a Local Indian Language ) to his buddy leaning on the rail, the
dealer immediately reprimanded him “Speak in English or Hindi at the table.”.
Now the Big Player is not very happy and calls, seat 5 called as well.
Now came the river, 4c. Seat 5 checked, I bet 200, and the Big Player
raised it to 500. Seat 5 took a few seconds and called, and then I
hesitated for a few seconds, look at my cards a few times and
re-raised to 1000.
With no hesitation the Big Player immediately said those words I was
patiently waiting to hear “all-in”, he thought he trapped me. Seat
5 called (which put him all-in) and then I called (which of course
put me all-in as well).
The Big Player proudly said with confidence “Queen high flush”,
seat 5 said “King high flush”, and I hesitated for a few seconds
flipped over one Ace and then the other and said:

“Four of a kind Aces”

Everyone at the table could not believe what just happened, frankly
neither could I. I have never had four of any kind especially

That day I did not really make the Big player literally lose. But yeah I went up by good 5600 Rupees & and was definatly proud of myself. I came back home, went off to a nice sleep and then the next day .. Shopping with my Girl Razz :


Originally Posted by kyra21
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So I was 9 months pregnant, and playing Texas Hold'em at a friend's house with a couple of my buddies and my husband. We were about 25 hands in, and my husband was on a winning streak. "Beginner's luck" I think lol. Anyway, I won a hand and my Friend Lance got up and started dancing and making fun of my hubby. I laughed so hard that I went into labor! So my daughter is a poker baby!!

Winners should check their private messages for instructions on claiming their prizes. Your Private Messages can be found HERE.

NOTE: If you do not respond to the Private Message within one week, you may not receive your winnings!!.

Congratulations to all!!


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