Guide to teleporting after changes 02.05.10

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Guide to teleporting after changes 02.05.10

Post by Admin on Wed Jun 01, 2011 11:22 pm

This is a guide for those wishing to teleport after the changes made on 02.05.10 that affected the paths waiters could take.

In short, the changes mean that avatars can now walk diagonally, where
previously they could only walk in straight lines. The changes mean
waiters can take more direct paths as well as walk between objects they
could not have previously. This new feature will benefit many players
as their waiters will now be serving quicker.

However, for the players that prefer the teleporting mode of play, this
can cause issues, as the once trapped chef and waiters may suddenly be

Below is an example of a layout that would have previously kept the
waiters trapped and the food serving automatically. You will notice a
waiter at the very bottom, walking between a counter and a stove - where
previously they couldn't have.

The next image is a similar set up, but I have blocked the diagonal path
with another object, preventing the waiters from traveling through what
is now a 'solid edge'.

In the 3rd example, I have used smaller items to block the diagonal path
with the same success. As always, any item, no matter what size, takes
up a full square.

In conclusion, waiters can walk between 2 object positioned diagonally,
but still can't walk between 2 object placed side by side sharing the
same edge.

Example below, no path between flowers (customer walking long way around);

Customer able to walk between flowers when positioned diagonally;

As there still seems to be some confusion, I have some further examples of what will and wont work.

Below will work, as there is no diagonal paths.

The next one will also work, because even though the counters are placed
diagonally, each section is blocked by another decoration, creating a
solid edge that the waiters can not get though.

The last picture will not work, as the staff can escape straight through
the counters positioned diagonally, even though they are touching.


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