Updated! "Build a Super Stove" 4-19-10

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Updated! "Build a Super Stove" 4-19-10

Post by Admin on Wed Jun 01, 2011 11:22 pm

The Super Stove is a new stove that cuts out the preparation stages. You just choose your dish and then it begins cooking!
No slicing, dicing or chopping. Your food will still need to cook for the required amount of time.

Now you can build your own Super Stove!

1. Click the Build a Super Stove icon next to the Spice icon.

2. From this panel you can see all the parts you need. You have the option to:
- Request help for different parts
- Buy individual parts
- Buy the whole stove

3. If you request parts, you will be brought to a page to ask friends
for help. When you request parts from your friends, the parts will go
directly into your stove.

4. When you complete the stove, you will see a pop-up saying you finished your stove.

5. Your Super Stove will now be available for use in the Edit Menu,
under the “Gears” icon. You will see a (x1) next to the Super Stove,
which means it is available for use.

6. If you look in your stoves menu and see a gray box
covering the stoves with a (x1) next to your Super Stove, this means you
have all available stoves in use for your level.
To use the
Super Stove, open the edit menu by clicking the "Gears" icon. Just drag
one of your stoves into your inventory (edit menu) and then you will be
able to drag out your new Super Stove. (Remember: do not try to move a
stove into your inventory with food cooking on top!)


Now, you can build even more stoves!

If you've already built your first stove, click the Super Stove icon again!

Then you will be able to buy a Super Stove Frame for $100,000 coins!
After you buy the frame, you will be able to ask your friends for the
rest of the pieces!

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